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Convergence Management Consultants

Convergence Management Consultants works collaboratively with clients to solve strategic issues that matter.

Assignments are customized and fact-based; they may use strategy, planning, marketing, research, analytics and training capabilities to achieve objectives such as building clients' marketplace reputation and customer relationships, accelerating business revenues - often from new sources, improving margins and optimizing organizational performance.

We have lengthy experience and unique capabilities that enable and differentiate our services, particularly in areas such as the following:

Our clients are B2B and B2C companies, public sector organizations, and not-for-profits. We have worked extensively with firms of all sizes, in most industries, in all life-cycle stages, in over 20 countries. Our clients include well-known firms in the technology, communications, financial services, manufacturing and retail sectors, and fast-growing tech companies in hardware, software, outsourcing, digital convergence, mobile devices, and internet and cloud-enabled businesses in areas such as gaming, etailing and the social and sharing economies.

Because clients face different challenges and have diverse needs and circumstances, all work is customized to the requirements of individual organizations. Sometimes other consultancies reach out to us when they need specialized assistance to address issues within their firms or to assist their own clients. We have consulted with 2 of the "Big 4" audit/consulting firms and 2 of the largest strategy firms in the world.

We are committed to bringing clients leading-edge strategic consulting services. We have authored four books and over 100 articles to capture and communicate current and emerging strategic business concepts based on proven theory and demonstrated experience that can benefit clients.

Recent book and articles:

 Book: "Managing the New Customer Relationship - Strategies to Engage the Social Customer and Build Lasting Value" (John Wiley & Sons)

 "Breakthrough B2B Marketing Plans" (Canadian Business Journal)

 "Creating Product Addicts" (Ivey Business Journal)