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Convergence’s clients include fast-growing, emerging firms and major, multinational companies. The following are some of the well-known companies with which we have worked in North America or internationally:

Alcan, Amadeus, Apple, Bell Canada, Canada Post Corporation, Cemex, Chrysler Corp., Chubb Security, Cogeco, Eastman Kodak, Ethyl Corp., Experian, Expertech, Fisher Scientific, Ford Electronics, General Electric, Goodyear, HP/Compaq, IATA, IBM, Interac, Kodak Canada, MasterCard, MDS-Nordion, Mellon Bank, Microsoft, Mitel, NCR, Nortel Networks, Ontario Power Generation, Ortech, Parker Hannifin, RBC Financial, Rogers, Teklogix, Teranet, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba, Westinghouse and Xerox.

We have also conducted assignments for the federal, state/provincial and local public sectors in the USA and Canada and for multiple stakeholders in industries where participants want to address common strategic issues, such as e-learning, relationship marketing, impacts of new technologies, and cross-border shopping by Canadians in the USA. 

In addition, we have served industry associations and not-for-profit organizations. We also serve other consultancies when they reach out to us for specialized assistance to address issues within their firms or to assist their own clients. We conducted consulting engagements for and with 2 or the "Big 4" audit/consulting firms and 2 of the largest strategy firms in the world.

The following summarizes selected industries or product-markets where we have conducted consulting engagements:

Aerospace, Defence and Military

Battle group defence systems, marine communication systems, naval electronics, space station programs.

Business-to-Business Products and Services

Acoustic ceiling tile and grid, aluminium, automobile assembly, bulk storage, business forms, cement, chemical dust suppressants, commercial and industrial casters, commercial security systems, distribution and courier services, electrical equipment monitoring devices, energy management consulting and contracting services, graphic arts consumable products, high voltage cable, liquid delivery control systems, industrial disposable face masks, information products (US on-line records), management training, medical / biotechnology health care and diagnostic services, metal presses, nylon, off-road vehicles, office building products, office furniture, plastic products, printing, quality management services, rebate and redemption solutions, refrigeration equipment, resistance heating, security and fire protection equipment, supermarket equipment, transformers, variable speed drives, waste management services, wallboard.

Consumer Products and Services

Automotive vehicle retailing, automotive repair and service, bathroom fixtures, biotechnology, broadcast services, disposable cloths, distribution and courier services, electrical vehicles, flavors, food products, hearth / fireplace products, ice cream cones, insulin infusion pumps, magnetic pulse therapy, mass merchandising, meat products, men's apparel, newspapers, personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDA's), photographic film, prosthetics, residential security systems and orthotics.

Financial Services

Automated teller machines, banking services, cash management services, financial information services, financial instruments, home and auto insurance, market data, pension funds, wealth management services.

Life Sciences

Medical analytics, medical devices, medical technologies, radio-pharmaceuticals.

Public sector

Convergence technology industries, the cable television industry, Canadian distribution channel competitiveness, the hardwood lumber industry, human resources and training strategies, the horse racing industry, investment attraction, the music and sound recording industry.


Automotive technologies, banking industry software, call detail recorders, cellular telephone services, central office switching equipment, computers, computer assisted design and drafting, computer services, copiers, customer analytics, customer relationship management - CRM, data storage technologies, digital imaging, digital wallet and rewards/retention, electric fuses, electric valves, electric vehicles, electrical cable, electricity generation and distribution, electronic positioners, electronics contract manufacturing, electro-technologies, energy management control systems, facsimile machines, fiber optic cable installations, gaming apps, hardware and software solutions, high voltage electrical equipment, home automation, induction heaters, infra-red equipment, internet services, laptop computers, membrane switches, microwave equipment, mobile apps, narrowband consumer communications and information gateways, online land information systems, online travel services, paging services, printed circuit boards, private branch exchanges, RF inventory management systems, retail payment systems, sales engagement & customer experience (Cx) enablement solutions, software (vertical market, application software and operating systems), SMT - surface mount technology, telephones, transmission equipment, value-added network services.