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Competitor Targeting

Winning the Battle for Market and Customer Share

(John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0471644102), in multiple translation.

Competitor TargetingCompetitor Targeting shows how to increase the share a company has of a customer's business over the customer's purchasing lifetime. As its name suggests, Competitor Targeting describes how to beat competitors by winning one customer at a time and how to triumph in the marketplace.

Competitor targeting is defined as the process of identifying specific competitors and creating a strategic and tactical offence against them in order to increase your own company's differentiation, market share, and shareholder value relative to others in the industry. Competitor Targeting shows where, when and how to beat or collaborate with competitors and how to do this while improving customer relationships. For the first time, the book introduces the issue of competition into the development of customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives to help ensure that CRM creates competitive advantage and new shareholder value. This book describes in detail how to manage customer relationships and competitors. It is the first book to provide a competitive context into CRM and to detail competitive strategies in this era of marketing to individual customers. It should be of great interest to companies wanting to supercharge their CRM initiatives and revitalize sales and profits in softer markets.

In today's increasingly competitive business environment, understanding and beating competitors is more challenging than ever before. The complexity of the current marketplace demands flexible and quickly executed strategies in order to gain customer loyalty through superior customer relationships. These strategies must be carried out at the expense of defined competition, directly challenged one customer at a time for customer share and, in aggregate, for market share. Competitor Targeting provides the tools necessary to wage and win the business war.

While most competitive intelligence (CI) professionals and books on the subject deal with high-level strategy, or are mired in increasingly sophisticated ways of gathering and storing competitive information, Competitor Targeting goes beyond traditional competitive intelligence gathering and benchmarking. It presents competition as a central component in business strategy and shows how CI can advance a company's competitive initiatives ethically, legally, and responsibly. Competitor Targeting also shows how to:

There is often less potential in today's markets for a company to operate under the live and let live philosophy. Now more than ever, survival of the fittest applies to the corporate landscape. Those fleeter of foot, sharper of mind, better armed and better supported earn the right to live and fight another day and to evolve to a higher and yet more profitable state. Competitor Targeting provides a roadmap for winning strategically, tactically and in real-time to increase market share and customer share.

Table of Contents

The following is the Table of Contents for the book, Competitor Targeting: Winning the Battle for Market and Customer Share

Chapter 1        The New Marketplace
Chapter 2        The Competitive Imperative
Chapter 3        The New Competition
Chapter 4        Planning Competitor Targeting
Chapter 5        Competitive Intelligence
Chapter 6        Competitor Targeting Strategies
Chapter 7        Turning Competitors Into Losers
Chapter 8        Competition and Collaboration
Chapter 9        Competing for Tomorrow's Customers

"Competitor Targeting" is a registered trade-mark of Convergence Management Consultants Ltd.

Comments and endorsements

Ian Gordon's latest book is another first! It is the first book to focus competition in each customer account! It adds enormous value to the popular area of CRM or one to one marketing.

Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D.
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Goizueta Business School
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia
Coauthor of Clients for Life

A well structured, informative view of how competitive intelligence can be used to better target preferred customers to improve the bottom line. The winning of customer and market share is becoming increasingly difficult in business today, and winning the right sort of customers from ever more aggressive competition is even harder. This book will help you understand the many issues involved and help you formulate appropriate strategies to improve business results.

Ian Brown
Senior Market Analyst & Strategist
BT Government Marketing
British Telecom plc.

The new marketplace challenge of observing competitors' practices and combining relationship marketing strategies has been made practical by Ian Gordon's new book. A must-read for any marketing professional.

Rogers Turner Jr.
Senior Manager - Relationship Marketing
Williams Communications Strategic Marketing

In the fast-paced new economy, Competitor Targeting can help leaders maintain their market share and can allow the underdog to chip away at the gorilla's foothold. The techniques and insights in Competitor Targeting on how to weaken a competitor's chain of relationships, take uncontested territory, operate below the radar, and anticipate an attack from your competitors can allow a company to gain key insights, strengthen its position in the marketplace, and ultimately win more business.

Rob Lalonde
Senior VP Products
Delano Technology

In an era in which competitors are often in the same channel or alliance as your own company, identifying and defeating those competitors has never been more complex. As Competitor Targeting demonstrates, competitive intelligence has evolved from simple information gathering into a sophisticated discipline. Practised as Mr. Gordon outlines, it will enable you to defeat your competitors, not only by learning more about them, but by understanding and responding to what your customers-who are your competitors' customers-value most about them.

Stephen Bernhut
Ivey Business Journal

Gordon provides an essential framework for understanding the nature of competition and competitors. It will equip you to make your company more profitable.

Selwyn Rabins
Alpha Software Inc.

In this rapidly changing world, it is imperative to not only make your critical customers the key of your focus, but you also need to target intense competitors, old and new, as perceived by those very critical customers, in order to win in the marketplace and thereby raise shareholders' value. Ian Gordon gives you a no-fail step-by-step approach to succeed in this endeavor.

Ed Newman, Chairman
CEO & President
Xybernaut Corporation

Why should you read this book? For CRM, it offers not only strategically relevant models but also practical solutions. And it reinforces that you share your customers with your competitors, so that it is imperative that you focus on both.

Peter Bergmann
Market and Trend Research
BMW Group, Germany

Competitor Targeting takes CRM to a new level. This is the first book on CRM and competition and a worthy successor to Relationship Marketing, Gordon's previous ground-breaking book. Competitor Targeting encourages companies focused on individual customer relationships to also manage competitors. Gordon shows, step-by-step, how to do this strategically, tactically, and in real-time, with practical road maps and instructive comments.

Peter Jones
President and CEO Personus