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About the Firm

Convergence Management Consultants Ltd.

Convergence Management Consultants Ltd. works closely with clients to assess and address their unique product, market and technology opportunities or challenges. The firm conducts customized strategy, marketing, research and training engagements that build marketplace reputation, accelerate business revenues, improve margins and optimize organizational performance. The firm was established over 25 years ago to provide clients in different circumstances and industries with fact-based answers to strategic questions by making use of proven assessment, planning and research methods as well as innovative approaches not available from other consultancies. Our style is collaborative and engaging and, most importantly, results-oriented. We have worked with companies in most industries as well as not-for-profit, industry and public sector organizations. We understand what it takes to help clients achieve their objectives and particularly, to increase revenues profitably and rapidly, build more valuable stakeholder relationships and win in increasingly competitive domestic and international markets. Our head office is in Thornhill (Toronto), Canada and our clients are in Canada and over 20 countries.


The firm’s principals are Ian Gordon and Bob Love. Ian and Bob have over 40 years of combined senior consulting experience. Ian and Bob were previously senior partners responsible for strategy, marketing and research consulting practices at EY/Ernst Young and KPMG, respectively.  In addition to serving executives as strategic consultants, Ian and Bob have also held senior executive management and Board positions.

Ian Gordon

Ian Gordon is a long-established management consultant with executive and Board experience. He helps companies to build profitable revenue performance, and works extensively at the intersection of marketing and technology. As part of this and more generally, he has assisted many firms with market and marketing assessments, strategic and marketing planning, and the measurement and planning of customer and stakeholder relationships. He has also worked with clients to build fact-based responses to strategic issues, conceive market, product and channel strategies, organize around customers and channel intermediaries, develop deeper relationships with individual customers and create lines of business to capture new revenues. His focus is on bringing proven, practical and leading-edge strategic concepts to help transform companies that expect much more from their revenue performance and want to break down barriers that restrict growth. In addition to assisting individual companies, Ian has also conducted public-sector, industry and consortia engagements domestically and internationally. He has authored four books on competitive business strategy and relationship marketing, and over 100 articles, including 15 for the Ivey Business Journal/Business Quarterly (incl. March/April 2022 and May/June 2021). In 2011, he appeared as the first subject matter expert in distribution channels and bilateral US-Canada pricing before the Canadian Senate's Standing Committee on National Finance. He has trained executives and managers from over half the Fortune 500 companies in open market seminars around the world for organizations such as BusinessWeek, Frost and Sullivan, and Marcus Evans, and in in-house workshops. Sessions have focused on subjects such as CRM, competitive intelligence and strategy, and pricing. In-house programs have been customized to the training needs of individual firms. Ian has also been a featured keynote speaker at company events and industry forums. He has lectured extensively to undergraduate and MBA students; his full semester courses have included subjects such as management consulting, CRM/relationship marketing, marketing planning, marketing research, marketing tech. products, distribution channels, consumer behaviour, B2B marketing, international marketing, and entrepreneurship. He serves or has served on nine Boards of Directors/Advisors including company Boards of Directors, the Strategy Advisory Board for a hospital, and a business advisory board for a municipality.

Bob Love

Bob Love is a highly accomplished marketing and sales executive with exceptional analytical skills and business acumen. He has conducted many complex market and industry studies and has helped organizations in a broad range of sectors to understand and address the strategic factors underpinning their revenue and profit performance. Many of the assignments he has conducted involve planning and measuring customer and channel relationships. He has also conducted engagements that focus on competition including industry evolution and projections, and how firms can be best positioned to compete. Bob has extensive experience in searching out additional market opportunities for existing products and services and in assessing the sales prospects for new concepts and ventures. He also has a history of success in helping clients to formulate and execute creative, yet practical, customer acquisition and retention strategies to accelerate revenues, to increase profits and to drive sustainable growth.


The firm's principals work with many specialized consultants, researchers and practitioners to deliver services specifically designed to meet client needs. Engagements vary in specialization, scale and location and therefore, so do our client service teams.


The firm's competencies are in the following main areas:

We have developed these competencies over lengthy careers conducting a wide range of strategy and strategic marketing engagements including best-practice assignments in areas such as relationship marketing and competition. We also have hands-on experience leading business start-ups and implementing marketing plans.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles are as follows: