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Managing the New Customer Relationship

Strategies to Engage the Social Customer and Build Lasting Value

(John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-1-1180-9221-7. Publication date: April, 2013)

Managing the New Customer Relationship Marketing has changed fundamentally in the last few years and has become an entirely new discipline, one that focuses on a new customer and a new relationship, framed by new principles, strategies, processes, roles and tactics. Individual customers are economically targeted and served, and treated as segments of one rather than members of a target market. Word of mouth and recommendations are vital as customers influence one another more than a company can do with in its own advertising or customer dialogs. Today’s customer is always online, accessible and connected. Now marketing is not only direct and customer-specific but a continuous process by which companies seek to engage customers and be progressively more relevant, attractive and valuable. This is the era of a new customer relationship – an individual relationship that is social, mobile and local, influenced by peers and shaped by cognitive, behavioral and social psychological principles. New techniques, processes and technologies transform what it means to implement marketing strategy and achieve improved business results. The new customer relationship requires that even those companies that have embraced customer relationship management ought to reassess their customer management. Now every marketing decision, whether online or in the physical world, whether of a technological nature, whether it affects customer experience, communications, dialogs, teaching or organizational memory, every decision should be seen through a single lens focused on the individual customers who matter most. Managing the New Customer Relationship provides a strategic and practical guide to help companies attract, develop, sustain and build more valuable relationships by:

Table of Contents

The following is the Table of Contents for Managing the New Customer Relationship: Strategies to Engage the Social Customer and Build Lasting Value:

Chapter 1               Managing the New Customer—and the New Customer Relationship
Chapter 2               Strategies for Better Customer Relationships
Chapter 3               Planning Relationships with Existing Customers
Chapter 4               One-Through-One: Engaging Social Customers
Chapter 5               B2B Relationships
Chapter 6               Relationships with Mobile Customers
Chapter 7               Mass Customization
Chapter 8               Customer Analytics
Chapter 9               Teaching Customers New Behaviors
Chapter 10             Making it Happen: Case Studies
Chapter 11             Strategy, Stakeholders and Semantics
Appendix               List of selected customer analytics/data mining software solutions

Comments & Endorsements

Gordon delivers an impressive synthesis of the newest methods for engaging customers in relationships that last. No organization today can succeed without mastery of customer relationship management strategy fundamentals. But to win in the decades ahead, you must also understand and capitalize on the rapidly evolving social computing, mobility, and customer analytics technologies described in this book. Checklists, self-assessments, and graphical frameworks deliver pragmatic value for the practicing manager.

William Band
Vice President, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

A very comprehensive and practical book on managing relationships with existing customers in the age of social media! I particularly enjoyed reading chapters on teaching customers new behaviors which were illustrated by excellent case studies.

Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D.
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

The strategic breadth and depth of this book is impressive as Gordon explores the new customer and how to plan and manage the new customer relationship. I found his review of strategies, techniques and technologies for social, mobile, mass customization and customer analytics to be particularly insightful. Gordon urges marketers to live and breathe one through one marketing and mastering social engagement techniques. The checklists, cases and examples make the content grounded and actionable. This is an important, current and detailed book to which every organization should pay close attention to improve customer relationships and create shareholder value.

Marcus Ruebsam
Vice President, Line-of-Business Marketing Solutions
Walldorf, Germany

There are many books on CRM but I recommend this one because Gordon’s book does what others do not. He considers CRM strategy and evolves it to recognize a new customer, one who is always connected, socially available and influential. The book doesn’t just discuss many point solutions for specific marketing challenges. It integrates technology with strategy, people, process and customer analytics to develop relationships continuously. This book is a broad and deep exploration of CRM, providing practical, fact-based perspectives that every company can use to validate and rethink their customer and stakeholder relationships.

Helmuth Cepeda
Small, Medium and Distribution Director
Microsoft Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

Technology has completely changed the nature of social interaction. The new rules of customer relationship management require that companies use new thinking and apply new technologies to engage with customers, keep in contact and build relationships that matter. Gordon shows how companies can innovate strategy and integrate technology, people and process to interact and collaborate with customers and achieve improved business results. This book is at the cutting edge of CRM and is a must-read for any organization that wants to assess and improve its customer relationships.

Peter Bergmann
Sales Strategy
Munich, Germany

Gordon speaks to the heart of a most important strategic issue for our company as we develop on-going relationships with customers in a subscription-based pricing model rather than selling software transactions repeatedly. Gordon observes the changing nature of the customer and customer relationship, and describes with great insight how to interact with every customer to create mutually beneficial value. It has never been easier to start a business yet never has it been harder to build a successful company. Gordon understands that customers are bombarded with choice and provides very current and powerful methods for any firm to build relevance and preference, and develop relationships that can lead to lasting success.

Selwyn Rabins
Co-founder and CTO
Alpha Software, Inc.
Burlington, MA

Ian Gordon has brilliantly and comprehensively articulated the fundamental strategies that any organization should be applying to turn their customer relationships into strategic and competitive differentiators for long-term growth. This book is a must-read for any company that wishes to build iron-clad customer relationships.

Vikas Gupta
CEO & President
TransGaming Inc.
Toronto, Canada

This book provides thoughtful perspectives on what any organization can do to improve customer attraction, engagement and management. The author never loses sight of the customer relationship as he discusses and develops existing theory and goes beyond to explore current issues that affect every marketer, including the technologies firms use and could use, and those their customers and potential customers are using. This is a strategic yet practical and insightful book that gave me a number of useful new ideas.

Jeremy Fox
Managing Director
Claro Learning Ltd.
Tavistock, United Kingdom

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