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The following are excerpts from our newsletter, Relate Quarterly. If you would like to receive this newsletter by email (complimentary), please let us know.  Here are links to some of the articles we have published:

 Accelerate Time-to-Results (Part A)

 Case study: Web-sites of Utilities in Ontario

 CRM and Financial Services

 CRM and Relationships with Investors

 CRM and Technology Companies

 CRM and Telecommunications Services

 CRM Can't Possibly Apply to Government. Or Can It?

 CRM Processes

 CRM Starts with a CRM Plan

 Digital Convergence: End of the Journey or Fork in the Road?

 Do You Need a Sales Force?!

 Employee Relationships a Key to CRM

 Integrating Clicks and Mortar

 Make Your Business Culture a Collaborative One

 Relationship Marketing 101

 Relationships with Suppliers

 Target Competitors

 Technology Changes Everything

 The History of “Convergence”

 Time to Manage Customer Relationships

 Twelve Ways to Increase Sales in Your Manufacturing Company Right Now

 Two Keys to Customer Service

 Web-sites and Customer Relationships

 What Happens if Customer & Channel Relationships Go Wrong?

 Who Owns the Customer?

 Why eGovernment is not enough